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Twin Territories brings authentic Native Artwork, Crafts, Pottery, Books and Music. Don't forget to visit our online Native American gift store where you can find a large selection of hard to find  items.

Art Gallery

Dana Tiger

We have three separate online art galleries filled with exceptional artwork by several renown Cherokee and other Native American artists such as Dana Tiger, Cecil Dick, Jerome Tiger,  
 Joan Hill and others.
We hope you will take the time to visit the online art galleries and support these great artisits. New artwork and limited edition prints are being added on a regular basis.
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Native Crafts & Gifts

Take a look at our nice selection of Crafts, Pottery and other authentic gifts created by well known Native American artisians.

Native American Music

Music by Native American artists like Tommy Wildcat. You can hear samples of his music online!
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Visit the Native American Art Gallery
"Medicine Woman II"
 by Native American
Ruthe Blalock Jones
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Native American Art
in our online art gallery

Tommy Wildcat 
Renown Cherokee Native
 American Flute Artist
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Native American Artwork    Books, Music and Crafts
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